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Dwarka, a Dham of Lord Krishna, is situated in West in state of Gujarat. The city originates its name from the word "dvar" meaning door or gate in the Sanskrit language and in ancient times its flourishing port was considered to be the gateway to the main land as 'Ka' means 'Brahma' meaning, gateway to Moksha. It is situated close to where the Gomti River merges into the Gulf of Kutch. It is called Dwarkamati and Dwarkavati being adopted home and capital of Shri Krishna after he gave up Mathura. It is held in such a high esteem as a place of Hindu pilgrimage that it is considered to be one of the four principle holy places or Char Dham. It is also famous as Mokshapuri. It is believed that due to damage and destruction by the sea, Dwarka has submerged six times and modern day Dwarka is the 7th such city to be built in the area.

Dwarka Temple is also known as Jagat Mandir (Temple of the Universe) and is dedicated to Lord Krishna who is also known as the 'King of Dwarka'. This temple is one of the 4 temples that are a part of Char Dham Pilgrimage. The temple is more than 2000 years old and is considered very powerful by the devotees.

Sixty columns support the roof of the audience hall of the Jagat Mandir. The main temple is five-storey high with the lavishly carved conical spire rising to a height of 157 feet.

As per Hindu mythology the temple was built by Vajranabha, grandson of Lord Krishna at hari-griha, the resident place of Lord Krishna. The temple is also known as Mokshapuri as it is believed that a person can achieve moksha if he visits this temple. The festival of Janamashtmi, also known as Krishna Janmotsav, is very popular among the devotees here.

The story behind this temple is that one day, Durvasa Muni, who was known as a saint who could be easily angered, was invited by Lord Krishna and his wife, Rukmini, to dinner. When a person is invited to dinner, etiquette dictates that the host should not eat until the guest has been satisfied. On the way to dinner, Rukmini became thirsty and asked Krishna for help. Krishna then put his foot in the ground and the Ganges water flowed forth from the earth. As Rukmini was drinking the water, however, Durvasa turned and saw her drinking without his permission. He became angry and cursed her to live apart from Lord Krishna. That is why Krishna's temple is in the town and hers is located outside the town.

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